Thames Traditional Boat Festival, Henley on Thames

Amphibious and Military vehicles are again invited to exhibit at the Trad Boat Festival
The entry fee of £12 covers vehicle, driver and one crew for the duration of the festival.
To enter please apply directly to Lyndon York using the form on the website, link below.  If accepted, your entry will include your 3 day pass for the weekend. Larger exhibits may, at the discretion of the organisers, receive an extra 3 day pass for crew. All other passengers will require their own passes. These can be purchased with this form (see below), from the Tickets page on this website, or on the gate.
Please note that due to revised Health and Safety requirements no vehicle movements, other than service vehicles, are permitted on the main Festival site during published Festival opening times. Please therefore arrive in time to be parked in your allocated area.
Amphibious vehicles are an exception to this rule but must please remain within their allocated area and not go roaming the site, other than on the water!