President – James Baxter

My first involvement with Military Vehicles was when I received a pedal Jeep for my birthday when I was 3 years old! From that moment I always wanted to own a real one. My opportunity came when I purchased one in 1970 for about £250. To be replaced by a much better condition Jeep from the Warnham War Museum in 1976, which I still own. It has been joined by a Chevrolet C8A HUP, and an ex-Australian Army Jeep. I joined IMPS in 1982, was ‘persuaded’ to become Treasurer in 1984, then Chairman in 1989, and followed by President in 1992. After 5 years I reverted to being just an ordinary member. My second stint commenced in April 2008.

Chairman – Nick Cowles

My military vehicle interest started with the Kent Army Cadet Corps in the early 70’s, being transported in Bedfords and Landrovers. Later I began military vehicle kit building where I met Tony Lawrence, James Baxter and Allan Ede. A trip in Tony and James’s Jeeps to Duxford and Thruxton in 1980 started the real ache to own my own WW11 Jeep. I attended the first War and Peace shows at Tenterden as a guest/spectator.

Vice Chairman – Ross Savage

Having been a member of Imps for. 15 years I felt it was my turn to give something back to the club by becoming a committee member to help in what ever way I could to take the club forward in these changing times. My initial entry into green machines was via a Lightweight Land-rover, progressing to a Jeep, a Defender and a Minerva plus a number of assorted trailers and tents. I enjoy the social side of the club and particularly attending the many events. Lets keep the wheels and tracks turning.

Secretary – Paul Gurr

I have always had a keen interest in WW2 military vehicles, and after spending many years mucking about with motorcycles and kit cars I finally bought my first military vehicle, a 1942 Daimler Dingo, shortly after joining the 43rd Recce Living History Group. I now use the Dingo for living history events around the South East and also in connection with events supporting WW2 Reconnaissance Corps veterans. My wife and I also own a 1940 Morris Commercial Compressor truck, and together with Andy Mitchell have just bought a pair of 1943 Daimler Mk 1 armoured cars to restore. I have been an IMPS member for 10 years and Surrey Area Secretary for 4 years.

Company Secretary – Andrew Partridge

I have been a member of IMPS since 1990 and Company Secretary, responsible for our public records at Companies House for most of the time since IMPS became a limited company in 2001. Since 1993 I have owned a Humber Heavy Utility, my only military vehicle.  I have been an active member of the Board and participant in the shows in past years and hope to be more active in the coming one.”

Membership Secretary – Glynis Rosser

Many members may remember as I have previously done memberships for four years I had to give it up due to my health, I now feel better and I am enjoying what I am doing once again. I first became a member ten years ago after being invited with my husband to the W&P Show it was so friendly and my husband bought his first vehicle that was it we became hooked I did always say that I would not wear green even though many have tried to make me. I do enjoy the club I like the social side everyone seems friendly even though the main conversation is about vehicles. I would always recommend the club people as you don’t have to own a vehicle to become part of it.

Treasurer – Roger Stone

I have been interested in military vehicles for as long as I can remember and after living in Normandy during the 50th anniversary of D-Day celebrations, decided that one day I would have to have a Jeep. After being Jeepless at both the 60th and 70th celebrations (and a few in between), I finally achieved my ambition and now have a 1944 Willys. Having acquired a Jeep, it seemed sensible to join IMPS. In my short time with the society, I have met some terrific people and been made to feel very welcome, so I have every intention of being in Normandy in June 2019 with my many new friends – and my Jeep.

Events Secretary – Rex Cadman

I have been an IMPS member many years and for several years I ran the War & Peace Revival Show at Beltring.

Publicity Officer & Webmaster

I am relatively new to the military vehicle scene going to my first War and Peace Revival in 2013 where I discovered what a great bunch of folks these enthusiasts were. I bought a jeep, joined IMPS and the rest, as they say, is history.

Newsletter Editor – Catherine Jaques-Fowler

I have been involved with the IMPS since 2005 after first visiting the W&P show as a “day tripper”. My first purchase as many starting the hobby was a Landrover 109. My son at the time was 10 and became as enthusiastic as I was and loved the weekends away camping and riding in vehicles. Moving onwards from the Landrover I bought my beloved Jeep.  I work for a local newspaper as my day job, so when an opportunity arose to edit the IMPS newsletter it was a perfect way to get involved to a greater extent with the Club

Age Related Registrations – Tony Lawrence

I am the Liason Officer with DVLA , responsible for verifying the age of vehicles and registration and also liase with the Federation of Historic British Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).

I also organise the IMPS end of the Pas de Calais Libere trip to Souchez each year in September.

Having joined the club in 1983 I have been Chairman twice, in 1992-97 and 2010 -14, so this appears to be my retirement post!

IMPRINT Editor – Mark Askew

I have been the editor of Imprint for the last 6 years and have been interested in Military Jeeps and Military Vehicles for well over 20 years now. I have also been a major Military Book and Manual seller for the past 15 years, as another part of my life. I attend most of the Mayor Military Show, so I can always been seen and talked to at these shows! If I can help members in anyway whatsoever, feel free to contact me, either by phone on 01302 739000 (weekdays 9 am til 5pm) and I will reply as soon as I can!