East Sussex



The IMPS East Sussex area, spread along the East coast from Rye to Brighton . Taking in historic sites such as Battle and Pevensey ,where the Normans landed (looking for a fight!), Seaside town Hastings with its unique fishing fleet, Eastbourne and Brighton all with their own history. Pevensey marshes where the “Chain Home” radar towers stood in WW2 and their part in the Battle of Britain and the lost Beachy Head RAF Station.

We are hoping to start monthly meetings soon and finding a suitable watering hole for the East Sussex IMPS, we are looking forward to our own ‘Build up’ get together in June, which we hope to move back to May for future dates. Let’s look to a better year and will update once we can move on. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

We look forward to you joining us for the monthly meetings and or events.

Weald 01




2nd Monday of the month



Area Secretary:

Ray Garrood


I have been Weald Area Secretary since 2004.

A ‘ Man of Kent’ I am – starting life in the heart of the Weald – Goudhurst, Kent, living and educated in the Weald of Kent.

My military vehicle interest started with the Kent Army Cadet Corps in the early 70’s, being transported in Bedfords and Landrovers. Later I began military vehicle kit building where I met Tony Lawrence, James Baxter and Allan Ede. A trip in Tony and James’s Jeeps to Duxford and Thruxton in 1980 started the real ache to own my own WW11 Jeep. I attended the first War and Peace shows at Tenterden as a guest/spectator.

I joined the IMPS in the mid 90’s (without military vehicle). I acted as Jeep co – driver on a few trips (Bethune France) and helped run the then 3 day IMPS War and Peace Shows.

In 1999 I bought my 1944 Willys Jeep. As they say ‘ that was it – we’re off ‘ – I haven’t stopped since – The War and Peace show became a 5 day show in 2000 – I became more involved in IMPS and the War and Peace show – becoming an Official for the show – spending 2 weeks each year helping set up and run the largest military vehicle show in the world. I took over as Weald Area Secretary in 2004. I organised IMPS involvement in the Biggin Hill Airshows for some years, started the Imps ‘Blossom Run’, organised the 70th Anniversary Jeep parade at Woolwich Barracks, London, assist with the IMPS ‘ Combined Ops’ event as well as more local rallies and events.