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To members visiting here, you will know of the Club's aims. However, to those visitors who are not, the following pages show a little of the clubs history, aims and achievements.

We are first and foremost a society of enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and restoration of military vehicles from all periods, but mainly from WW 1 to the present day, regardless of the nation which produced or used them.

The achievement for many of us comes from returning these historic vehicles to as near as possible (within limits) their original condition. In fact some of the more unusual vehicles owned by members can truly be described as unique in that they are the only surviving examples.

The club takes part in many rallies and commemorative events each year and is keeping a part of history alive; the response from veterans of some of the conflicts is usually of pleasure and interest that these vehicles, and by association, they themselves have not been forgotten.

We hope that you find this site interesting and informative.

Tony Lawrence (Chairman)

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